Don’t Miss Open Doors Milwaukee 2

I would be remiss if I didn’t create a post about this year’s Doors Open Milwaukee! They have added sites and extended hours so that you can see even more.

If you missed this event last year, I encourage you to pick out a few locations that interest you, and learn more about Milwaukee. Don’t forget, it is totally free! There are lots of locations that will interest kids of all ages, especially some of the locations that my family visited last year!

Last year, we visited the top of the U.S. Bank building and took in the view. (I still catch myself calling it the First Wisconsin Building.) The observation deck is usually not open to the public, so this is was a great opportunity to take in a 360 degree view of the city.

We also visited the Pilot House at Discovery World and “Wisconsin’s flagship,” the Denis Sullivan.  Again, this was FREE! We found ourselves mesmerized by the unusual site of multiple waterspouts on Lake Michigan. The crew of the Denis Sullivan had never seen so many waterspouts on the lake at one time. Some of them had never seen a waterspout on Lake Michigan at all. While I can’t promise waterspouts, I can promise that it is worth it put this stop on your list.

The complete list of locations for 2012 has not been disclosed yet, but check the web site: to plan your visit! We did not have much time to visit more of the sites last year because of soccer games and other obligations, but there are several spots I hope to visit this year. Milwaukee City Hall, Milwaukee Art Museum, Great Lakes Distillery, Milwaukee Theatre, Pabst Theater, and several Milwaukee River Bridge Houses are a few destinations on my list. I love to explore old churches, and there are several on the list. Churches not your thing? How about American System-Built Home Model B-1, a home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright as an early prefab model? Is there a building in the downtown area that you are curious about? This might be your opportunity to learn more!

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